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Kinross Cashmere

At Moose Mountain Trading Company, we are happy to be able to bring our customers the opportunity to enjoy the quality of garments made by Kinross Cashmere. These garments are from a brand that is distinguished among cashmere resources for their variety of sweater styles for men and women. Kinross Cashmere  has a product line that includes both the classics that are favorites of many wearers, as well as contemporary designs that are a more luxurious choice because of their cashmere content. In addition to their variety of styles, Kinross also offers a plethora of colors which is carefully chosen to meet with the trends of each season.

The quality of a Kinross Cashmere garment is evident from the first time you put it on. The exceptional good looks and luxurious feel of their sweaters provide every wearer with a level of satisfaction that exceeds that of owning any other garment. The quality and longevity of these incredible cashmere sweaters reflect the integrity and pride of the Scottish heritage that is associated with the Kinross name.

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